Investing in the kingdom of God & in your future

We are a people passionate for God, who desire to see Jesus exalted and glorified, who believe that Jesus will build His Church, who have a deep love for His Word as truth and who believe in the present-day ministry of the Holy Spirit to enable us and to empower us to do those things that God has called us to do.

Each of us is called of God in varying roles, each with varying responsibilities and with different giftings and callings. God is raising up men and women of purpose, who are courageous in God and suubmitted to His will.

Our vision with Issachar Ministry Training Academy is to equip God’s people for their place in His purposes and to build committed relationships with those we minister to, so as to walk with them in on-going encouragement and leadership, in their journey of serving the Lord.

For the Church in the nations to biblically understand God’s prophetic and redemptive purposes and His prophetic timetable, we must embrace the biblical roots of our faith. Also, and imperatively, we must understand God’s purposes for Israel in these last days if we are to have a biblical understanding of the day and hour in which we live.

We are excited that you are considering our Academy and that you have a heart to be equipped for the purposes of God in your life. We look forward to having you join with us and to walking together in God.

Peter Whitcombe
Executive Director