“I am accountable. I am correctable. I am transformable. Presenting myself a living sacrifice to God. By the love of God. By the word of God. Completely supplied in Christ Jesus. Unto all good works.”

Carlton T. Brown

Entry Requirements For All Students

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Have been a committed Christian for at least twelve months.
  • Be presently involved in the life of a local church, and demonstrate levels of mature discipleship.
  • Have the approval of your pastor/minister for your application into College. (A satisfactory Pastor’s reference is required).
  • Have a conviction that there is a call of God upon your life. (A detailed testimony is required as part of application.)
  • Be assessed by Issachar Ministry Training Academy staff as likely to successfully complete the course.
  • Have evidence of English proficiency if English is your second language. (An IELTS score of at least 5.5 is required.)
  • Submit a completed application at least two months prior to the course start date.

Additional Requirements For All Students

Have successfully completed NCEA level 1 or equivalent. This is not always essential, but is preferred.

Ministry Course Fees and Other Costs

I.M.T.A. Certificate in Ministry
The fees for the 22-week full course are $5,500.00NZ (including tax) per student.

A non-refundable registration fee of $100.00NZ is payable with the Enrolment Application Form.

Individual Course Modules
Fees for individual course modules will vary from module to module. Please contact us for confirmation of current fees.

Accommodation and Living Costs

Local Christians are willing to provide meals and accommodation. The average weekly rate for room and board is around $220.00NZ per week.

You are free to make your own arrangements or contact us and we will help you. Local transportation can be arranged by local buses or carpooling.

You may also want to consider hiring or buying a car. It is a common practice to purchase cars and resell them in New Zealand, even for a stay of a few months.

* Details regarding fees and accommodation costs are subject to change. Please contact for confirmation of current fees and services.