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Our Two-Part Vision and Mandate

• Training God's people for ministry from a Messianic Jewish perspective

• Equipping, empowering, and sending out church planting teams

Key Features of Our Ministry Course


Messianic Jewish Roots Focus

The Church was birthed by a Jewish Messiah, it was propagated by Jewish disciples, and it all happened within the framework of Jewish culture and history. The Church is beginning to rediscover those roots in time for the last days outpouring of the Holy Spirit and our course focusses on those Messianic Jewish roots.

Church Planting Teams

An outworking of practical, equipping, training ministry is seen in our desire to send out church planting teams from those who complete our course. Church planting opportunities exist throughout New Zealand and internationally as well.

Word Based

We believe that ALL Scripture is inspired by God and that ALL Scripture is profitable for teaching, training, and equipping. God's Word is as relevant today as it has always been. Whatever God does in these last days will align with that which is revealed in His Word, which is our instruction manual for life and ministry.

Standing With Israel

At a time when much of the Church is caught up in Replacement Theology which wrongly teaches that the Church has replaced Israel in God's plans and purposes, we actively and specifically stand as friends of Israel. Our love for Israel is unconditional whilst recognising that no one is perfect, except Jesus!

Training vs Teaching

Our focus is on equipping those called by God to do the work of ministry. We seek to train people practically as well as biblically rather than simply imparting information by way of teaching. Practical ministry will be an integral part of the course for those with a clear sense of God's call for ministry.


We have the support of recognised and highly respected international teaching ministries and teachers. We are also committed to ministry to international students and to sending out Church planting teams to other countries.

Spirit Empowered

The Holy Spirit enables and empowers those surrendered to the Lord and committed to serving Him wholeheartedly. "'Not by might, nor by power but by My Spirit,' says the Lord" is our vision and our expectation because the Holy Spirit still calls, empowers, and gives gifts today.

Relational Ministry

In the New Testament, ministry is outworked on the basis of mutually committed relationships. We desire to build such relationships with those we train and send out, including on-going training, the availability of resources, and oversight.